Our service package matches your needs

Turnkey solution or custom model

You ...

  • operate a heating grid – as a public utility or industrial provider, for example – with a minimum heat requirement of about 50.000 MWhth/a;
  • are considering retrofitting of your heat generation system, as your existing plant is due for shutdown or needs modernization, or perhaps your existing heat supply contract is about to expire

We ...

  • carry out all project development work, including feasibility studies, the technical engineering required for permits and the financial engineering work you need to obtain funding;
  • build and operate your CHP plant and deliver the heat you need to your heating grid;
  • make use of our established skills network of reputed experts in energy economics, engineering and law;
  • provide the entire financing needs of the project, starting with a feasibility study, as we work closely with substantial German and international funds and investors, who have already agreed in principle to fund our projects (subject to due diligence);
  • are flexible on the share-out of investment capital, personnel resources and any existing plant that you may want to bring in.

Heat Delivery Contract

The price formula of your heat delivery contract will be carefully shaped to your needs, to minimize any differential risk between the contract and the price formulas in your contracts with customers and end users. We protect you from power market risk.

Source: Björn Appel on Wikimedia Commons