Professional experts with a passion for innovation

SWG is team of business professionals and specialists in both the energy and engineering industry and the financial sector. We bundle extensive experience in project development in the energy industry.
SWG was founded in early 2015. Its founders knew each other from the education they shared at the London School of Economics. Building on sound knowledge of the German and European energy markets accumulated over many years of consulting experience, the founding idea of the company emerged from identifying useful financial knowledge and sophisticated data analysis models well known in the financial industry and applying them to the energy industry.


Jan Ondrich

Co-founder and Managing Director of SWG


As SWG’s Managing Director, Jan coordinates project origination and development, as well as taking care of the financial and research activities of the company.
Before going on to found SWG, Jan was a co-founder and partner at Candole Partners Limited, which has been providing expert market advisory services to European utilities and energy investors since 2007. Jan has led or supported projects for a number of Europe’s major utilities, advising on organizational development, strategy, policy, regulation, market development and financing. Jan holds an MSc from London School of Economics.
Jan is a recognized expert on European energy markets and is often quoted by international media, including the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Platts and Dow Jones.


Roman Binter

Co-founder of SWG


Roman Binter heads research and strategy at SWG. He is the original developer of SWG’s trading, asset optimization and dispatching model. Roman looks back on 10 years of experience in the finance industry and is an expert on mathematic optimization models. He has a double Ph.D. from the London School of Economics under his belt.

Reinhard Goethe

Associate Partner


Reinhard Goethe looks after project origination and development at SWG. His skills were built up over his 35 years of management experience in plant construction (for Kraftwerk Union and Siemens, among others) and project development in the German energy industry. As its long-standing CEO, he grew Trianel European Energy Trading GmbH (now Trianel GmbH) as well as a number of project development and financial services subsidiaries within the Trianel group. Among other projects in which he participated, he headed project development for the 800 MW CHP at Hamm-Uentrop in Westphalia all the way from the drawing board to inauguration. He has a German engineering degree as well as Master’s degree in Science.

Martin Bebiak


In his work as an analyst, Martin Bebiak supports work on SWG’s dispatch model and market analysis. He has several years of professional experience in consulting work on international projects for large energy corporations and has earned a Master's Degree from the Vienna School of Economics.

Depending on the needs of the project in question, SWG can bring in experts from an established network of consultants in the energy, engineering, legal and financial industries.