The innovative way to provide the heat for your grid – from 50,000 MWhth/a up:



SWG - Smart Heat for Your Benefit

  1. Smart - the price of our heat is extremely attractive. Our unique plant technology combined with intelligent dispatching strategy and clever bidding on the secondary reserve market is what makes our low prices possible. 
  2. Smart - our heat price formula protects heat distributors from the risks of the power market.
  3. Smart - our plants further the goals of the energy transition: We provide the balancing energy that renewables need, producing very little CO2 emissions.  
  4. Smart - we provide all the required investment capital. Heat distributors can modernize their heat generation systems without needing to raise equity or loan capital.
  5. Smart - our offering is flexible – in terms of capital share, personnel resources and existing installations that heat distributor might wish to include.

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